KLCR Center offers kindy program for young students. Since age has little to do with readiness to learn to read, the most reliable tool for placement is testing. The Program diagnostic will show which early development program is right for the student and will allow the child to acquire the right foundation in reading.


The program (a full school year) features a complete scope and sequence utilizing all the developmental skills needed to prepare a child to read. Students will begin to read at different stages of the program, depending on their maturity and capability.

• Bible and animal pictures emphasize phonics and visual recognition.
• Activities support coordination development.
• Full-colour picture stories motivate reading.
• PACEs provide practice in all developmental skills.

A.C. E's phonetic reading program is a part of Level 1 and is designed to prepare a child for the individualized instruction of the PACE curriculum. Within the first part of the program, phonics is reinforced through animal pictures, songs, and stories. Physical and character development skills are built through poems, displays, and variety of activities. These features help the student learn:

• Letter sounds
• Alphabet sequence
• Word relationships